How to Watch



  • Stream a single hour-plus long filmed session that changes every month
  • Stream moments from bonus sessions

Basic Support


  • Stream two new hour-plus long filmed sessions every month on any device
  • Stream our guest artist filmed sessions and spontaneous moments
  • Have access to our entire library of filmed sessions for streaming

Premium Support


  • All features in the Basic Support package, plus:
  • Audio Streaming with all the songs separated into tracks. It’s like getting a live-recorded album every other week
  • Have access to our closed FB community where you can share your experiences and connect with other supporters as well as the Unfiltered team
  • Get behind the scenes Unfiltered footage and artist interviews

Why do we Charge?

Though we believe worship is free and would like to offer all of our content for free, it costs a significant amount to create the website and app. It continually costs to pay for hosting, audio recording and mixing, as well as subtitle translations. Much of our work is done by volunteers and we would like to pay our people for their work eventually 🙂. If you believe in our values and the culture of worship that we’re trying to spread across the world, please consider supporting us monthly or you can donate directly to our ministry by clicking on the button below.