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Behind The Title Track

One day I was looking over the city of Portland Oregon and was remembering all the stories I’ve heard over the years about all the things that have happened in the caverns below the city.  There is an underground in Portland that has some dark points in history involving slavery, sacrifices and a lot of darkness. As I sat with my guitar, thinking of times in life where I felt I was truly in a cavern, or the parts of my heart that have been hidden from the view of others. I asked the question, “what would that ground cry out for if it could talk?”  I quickly felt the word “HOPE” rise up on the inside. Hope has had a way of keeping me from giving up along the journey, it has pulled me through many circumstances and I realized that hope has a name and so the chorus came out quickly; “His name is Jesus, precious savior, the debt You paid and life you gave provokes my heart to rise and sing, unhindered. I won’t tremble.  You’ve anchored me in highs and lows and through it all a song burst forth of praise, from caverns to cathedrals.

About Jonathan Tutt

Born on the wild coast of Alaska within a small fishing village and later moving to the top of a mountain, Jonathan David Tutt is no stranger to wild, quiet and the untamed. His upbringing has influenced his passion for writing honest songs that touch the heart of God.

Through Jonathan’s time as the worship and youth pastor of Church On the Rock in Wasilla, Alaska and his experience with other church plants including Bethesda Church in Vancouver, Washington where he was a senior leader and worship pastor from 2013-2018, Jonathan grew in his intimacy with Christ and connection through music while simultaneously building many successful companies.

At the peak of his success, his biggest fan and closest supporter, his mom, passed away in front of him during a Sunday Morning church service.

Jonathan began questioning the “why” behind every relationship, business venture, song and ministry that was on his plate. Jonathan has seen many highs and lows throughout the years from dealing with death, divorce, financial loss, alcoholism and much more, all of which are felt and expressed through the writings in these songs.

“Caverns To Cathedrals” is really an album with honest songs of hope and worship from the dark places in life (“Caverns”) where the struggle is real, to the high points in life (“Cathedrals”) where everything is going well. This album is really about responding in praise throughout the highs and lows, as well as realizing that God is with us no matter where we are or what we face.”