Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Unfiltered charge for their service?

Upon creating Unfiltered Inc. we decided to set up a monthly/yearly subscription rather than continually asking for donations. These funds will provide such things as equipment, audio/video capture etc. Ultimately, our hope is to support the musicians/staff in our collective of Unfiltered and continue to be able to write songs and build this online community.

Can I donate to Unfiltered?

Unfiltered is an S-Corp and so although we can take gifts, we aren’t able to give tax credit for the gift. We do have a non-profit organization that supports us called, “Unfiltered Worship Ministries” out of Vancouver, Washington, and so when people want to give to different members of our team we encourage people to do it through Unfiltered Worship Ministries. You can donate by clicking on the button below.

What is the Ultimate goal for Unfiltered?

The story of Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus and her sister Martha busily serving is a story of being distracted by the good, but missing God’s best. In an increasingly complex world surrounding ministry, music and church, we found that there are many things that can distract people from sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Our goal is to keep simple and pure hearts of love for God. To explore His heart more than musical performance, seek His ways more than wanting to see His deeds, and to support the culture of those hungry to simply encounter Him. We never celebrate a good performance, we celebrate tapping into the presence of God and taking risks.

Unfiltered is a permission statement; permission to encounter God as you are. Permission to mess up musically as you seek Him. Permission to shed the weight of a performance driven society and just seek Jesus, completely unfiltered.

Where did the name Unfiltered come from?

We don’t correct ANYTHING in the editing process. We leave everything in, mess-ups and all. Although we rehearse before hand, we often veer completely away from the rehearsed songs and flow into songs both known and spontaneous.

Will Unfiltered plan to add more languages for subtitles?

Our goal is to continually expand our subtitle languages. We also plan to expand our ways of reaching people around the world through this platform. Ultimately we want to feature other “unfiltered” groups from around the world that are doing the same thing in worship. We want to see worship teams in other countries leading people into the presence of God in their own languages! We plan to host Facebook events that give opportunity for people and worship teams to share with us what THEY are doing in worship from around the globe. We want to build a part of our web page that streams some of these other worship experiences.

What’s next for Unfiltered?

We have some big dreams that we are dreaming!

A. Starting a school of worship that we would use our online services to train hungry worshipers to lead others into the presence of God.

B. Getting a facility of our own that would allow us to keep our equipment/staging setup permanently and do weekly worship recordings there.

C. We want to encourage the, “home church” movement where people gather in the more intimate setting of a home to worship, eat together, and be the church. Whether people go to a building for church on Sundays or another day, we believe it’s healthy to be connected to a smaller, more intimate group who you can know and be known by.

Finally, as finances increase, we hope to add features like the ability to pick when you want the video to start/end by picking those two points and the video clip you create will automatically fade in and fade out in the places you specify (mainly for home group worship). We would also like to continue adding more languages to our subtitles, online training center, as well as an Apple TV app that will allow people quicker/easier access to stream our content!

What’s the best way to spread the word about Unfiltered?

You can quickly and easily obtain a unique link through our site that you can send to your friends and family that does two things: It gives them a week free trial to check things out on the site and it gives you $1 every month for every subscriber that you bring to us. This is our way of saying thanks for helping others find us 😊

Our affiliate program is coming soon!

How do I book Unfiltered for a worship event?

You can either click on the “booking” tab on our website or feel free to email us at; We limit how much we travel, but are open to praying about any requests that
come through.

Will Unfiltered also be releasing albums?

Absolutely! We take songs that start in spontaneous worship moments and we turn them into songs that we plan to record. For premium subscribers we’ll be giving those cd’s/dvd’s out for free. We will also be offering them for sale on other platforms like Spotify, itunes etc.

How did you come up with the name, “Unfiltered?”

On social media there has been a big movement to see a picture without all the “filters” that enhance the picture. When you remove the filters, you can feel more like you are actually in that moment yourself. In the modern music/worship movement, we’ve seen many people rely on musical “filters” to enhance the experience and to give the “perfect” idealized product. Our goal in using an “unfiltered” approach is to invite people into the encounters that we haven not just to watch, but to be a part of it and experience it with us.