Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Support?

Unfiltered has 2 sides, there’s Unfiltered Worship Ministries which is our 501(c)(3) through which we give away all of our free content; we also aim, through the donations we receive, to go to the people that can’t afford to get us to them and give away our paid content to the people that can’t afford to pay. We also aim to distribute our paid materials locally to nursing homes and others that would not normally hear of us or have access to worship.

The other side is Unfiltered Inc. which houses all of our original songs, album and volume releases as well as the monthly/yearly supporter channels.

How Can I Help?

  • You can donate and/or sign up to support us monthly on one of the two tiers we offer and both of those will allow us to keep the website going as well as continue creating Unfiltered worship videos.
  • If you are a part of our private Facebook Group (available through Premium Support), please share your Unfiltered moments of worship, art and creativity. Your contribution and participation to the online community is what gives it value! So please share your own works while supporting and encouraging others who are brave enough to share their personal expressions also.
  • Spread the word through our affiliate program which in turn gives a little kickback for yourself.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram and Spotify then share our content with your friends!
  • Interact with us online. Like, love and comment on our posts/videos. Thank you! ❤️

What Does the Name Unfiltered Mean?

No one, not one of us has ever first approached God with a pure heart. We all come to him just as we are, we come Unfiltered. To be Unfiltered is about getting to the heart of the matter in the midst of a culture that likes to push our best to the outside and hope no one sees the less shiny parts of our heart. This may be the way the culture evaluates people, but God sees through every appearance straight to the heart. He knows the deepest parts of you, good and bad and he still calls you precious. As we come to Him just as we are, as we come Unfiltered, He can then make us pure. Being Unfiltered is about giving our true selves and not the artificial appearance that we think people want. Living Unfiltered is about letting God’s truth envelope every part of our speech, our prayers, our worship and our relationships. It is the true and honest representation of ourselves to God and to the world.

Does Unfiltered Plan to Add More Language for Subtitles?

YES. Right now we have the means to provide English and Spanish subtitles, but as resources become available we will make it a priority to add Portuguese and Russian. As resources continue to grow, we will add more languages to make Unfiltered as accessible as we can for everybody around the world!

What’s Next for Unfiltered?

Unfiltered in your community.

We want to promote people getting together in small gatherings to create, to worship and to go deeper in relationship with each other and with God. Whether you are a part of a church or don’t go at all, we were all made for community and would like to make it easier for groups to worship together. You don’t have to play the instruments, you don’t have to plan a setlist, just choose a session, take it in and invite God to do something special in that moment for you and those around you. As we move forward, we want to help people get these groups started around the world.

How do I book Unfiltered for a worship event?

You can either click on the “booking” tab on our website or feel free to email us at; We limit how much we travel, but are open to praying about any requests that come through.

Will Unfiltered also be releasing albums?

Unfiltered is a collective of musicians and artists. We will release music that we write and play together as well as songs written by individuals that we choose to play as a group. We will have radio singles/albums as well as collections of live moments/songs. We will eventually release volumes of older songs and hymns that we will refer to as our Heritage volumes. All of these will be available to stream for our Premium supporters and will be available for everyone else on platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify etc.

What is the Ultimate Goal of Unfiltered?

The story of Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus and her sister Martha busily serving is a story of being distracted by the good, but missing God’s best. In an increasingly complex world surrounding ministry, music and church, we found that there are many things that can distract people from sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Our goal is to keep simple and pure hearts of love for God. To explore His heart more than musical performance, seek His ways more than wanting to see His deeds, and to support the culture of those hungry to simply encounter Him. We never celebrate a good performance, we celebrate tapping into the presence of God and taking risks. Our culture is connection with God and that is what we want to see adopted across the world. We will contribute to this practicing it, showing it through media and supporting other artists/small groups/collectives that share this passion.

Unfiltered is a permission statement; permission to encounter God as you are. Permission to mess up musically as you seek Him. Permission to shed the weight of a performance driven society and just seek Jesus, completely unfiltered.