About Us

Who We Are

Unfiltered is a group of creatives who are pursuing the heart of God. It is our desire to go deeper than we’ve ever been and see more of who He is; to go deeper in relationship with each other and to leave behind fear with every song we write, every painting we paint, and every conversation we have.

Our Vision

Unfiltered exists to encounter God through worship.

We believe that living in connection with God is possible and in doing so, we discover our true selves. God created us for true connection with Him and others and it’s our goal to facilitate that through each of our sessions.

Our vision is to:

  • Create a culture of exploration with excellence not performance
  • Celebrate uncut, raw, real, honest worship and songs
  • Provide a platform for real, raw, honest artists to share their content
  • Create a fully immersive online experience to encounter God
  • Provide worship content for home groups, churches and individuals
  • Show what God can do in a small gathering

How We Are Fulfilling Our Vision

When we pursue God together, good things happen. We want to share our passion and show what God can do through unity. Sharing these worship sessions is a simple way to see what God is doing through us, by connecting with one another. We plan very little of our sets and often veer from any plan we do have. As we explore God, we worship, hit record, and set our attention on Him – completely Unfiltered. We are a people who believe in His goodness and have decided to build a platform dedicated to worship.


We want to create honest songs and share them with the world.

We want real songs that come straight from the heart, where every word is meant by the person expressing it; every stroke of the paint brush is intentional and true. Every time an artist releases a piece of art, there’s a temptation to let fear in and dictate the direction of the work based on what people might think of it. It’s because of this that we live in a world where perfection is expected, and while the appearance and technicality is often high-quality, it often comes at the sacrifice of authenticity. This is the meaning of Unfiltered, the recognition that the state we live in is rarely polished, but it’s real and it’s beautiful. We want to help give real and honest artists a chance to be heard, to connect with those who will see the beauty of their art and to help the polished artists become Unfiltered.


Unfiltered is limited to how many live events we can do each year. Feel free to reach us by clicking on the “booking” tab on the top of our menu or email us at: booking@unfiltered.org. We will respond as soon as possible.
Note: we DO NOT perform, we worship God.