About Us

Who We Are

Unfiltered is a group of intercessors, worshipers, prophets, apostles, evangelists, teachers, pastors, and musicians whose passion is to see every corner of the globe experience God through setting the stage for Him alone in raw worship.

We worship, hit record, and see what happens. No hype, no performance, just uncut, live worship. We’ve set out on a journey to know God and to welcome the world into encountering Him by using tools to create an immersive experience.

Embrace the adventure with us.

Why We Do What We Do

We want to worship without performance and create a platform that encourages you to do so as well.

In a world full of “filters”, our aim is to remove them. We want you to feel more like you’re in the room with us. Not to focus on watching us, but instead, be invited to do what we’re doing (worshiping God). Our goal is to create a movement that celebrates raw, authentic, passionate worship and encourage you wherever you are in your process, to encounter God. Our heart isn’t to be celebrities, but to show you your extraordinary value as a unique child of God who was created to encounter Him through this lifestyle of worship. We want to make it easy to encounter God ANYWHERE, ANYTIME and make it easy for those that are on the go, in a home church or just hungry for more.

Come and explore the heart of God with us.


Our purpose in Unfiltered Publishing is to write and release the song of the Lord for today, not to just create songs that sell records. We want to release songs written from the heart that invite encounters with the Lord.

Come and create with us.


For all events throughout the world, Unfiltered Inc. is the administrator of all marketing, ticketing, merchandise sales, planning etc. Anywhere we go, our goal is to encounter God in unity and to serve as His hands/feet in any way we can.

Let us join you.