Real worship – wherever you are

Unfiltered helps you connect with God through honest worship.

Our family loves worship. We can never get enough of His presence! “Unfiltered” is an amazing way to encounter the Lord wherever you are. We have “Unfiltered’ playing daily at home, work, and in the car. The variety is beautiful – original songs, spontaneous worship, and hymns that come alive! It is raw worship that draws you to Him! Unlike other online worship sites, you feel like you’re in the room encountering His presence face to face. Worship should never be limited to a Sunday service. We are blessed to have signed up for this amazing worship time. It is definitely a life changing experience!

Raymond and Karen Saba

We are so grateful for God connecting our pathways and hearts with the leadership team of Unfiltered Worship, it has been so refreshing to our church family as well as region! It’s always anointed, and reflecting the sound of Heaven. Jonathan Tutt and team bring the presence of God strong whenever they show up to worship! Breakthrough is sure to happen when these Jesus worshippers show up!

Brian & Kari Jennings

My husband and I have been streaming Unfiltered worship in the background at our tax office. It helps create an atmoshere of peace and worship in the workplace, and we find our clients humming along as it draws them in. It’s been a tremendous blessing to both us and all those who come to our place of business!

Kimmie Olson

Worship without the “show.”

Our worship sessions are raw, uncut and free of performance so you can engage with God exactly as you are.

Find peace in your environment.

Access the live and recorded living room worship sessions from any device — so you can connect with God when you can’t be in church.

Experience something new.

Encountering God is always joyful — but never predictable. That’s why our worship sessions are unplanned and filled with spontaneous moments.

What’s different about Unfiltered?

Many people hungry for God experience what we call separators — things that keep us from connecting with God.

Do you have one of these separators?

  • Your schedule doesn’t allow you to be plugged in to a church
  • You’re not able physically or emotionally to be in church
  • You don’t know how to experience God at home
  • You’re disillusioned with church and religion

We know firsthand how these separators can take a toll on your heart. They can cause us to feel increased anxiety, overwhelm or boredom.

But when you’re experiencing regular, authentic worship, something incredible happens…

Where do you need Unfiltered?

On Sunday

No church right now? Don’t let that separate you from enjoying God’s presence.

On Your Break

Overwhelmed at work? Restore your peace with a 5 minute worship moment.

With Your Small Group

No musicians? No problem. Let Unfiltered lead your group into real God encounters.

“Before I tried Unfiltered, I only ever worshipped on Sundays. I’m not a musician, so having time with God at home was tough. I can’t believe what a difference it’s made!”

Why Do We Charge?

Even though we don’t overproduce, the production we do have costs money. Our costs include things like; platform cost, hosting for website, uploading and managing content, licensing, paying publishing companies for use of their songs when we sing other peoples content and basic marketing. We had two choices in charging people:

  1. Either we could ask for donations and then like many other non-profits continually ask for money which we didn’t like, or…
  2. We could be upfront with the costs associated per person on the site so we don’t have to continually ask for money.

We chose #2 since our heart is to be honest with what we need. By supporting Unfiltered monthly/yearly, it allows us the opportunity to give to artists that have created the songs, it allows us to pay all the bills associated with the site, it goes toward local ministry in the Portland Oregon/Vancouver Washington area for feeding the homeless and local outreach. All of the costs above are covered by charging a fee that costs less per month than having one meal. Thank you for supporting us this way!

We Have Many Plans To Choose From!

Here’s some of what’s included in a subscription:

Unlimited access to stream the entire Unfiltered Library of HD worship videos with new sessions added every [day of the week].

One week access to our closed Facebook group to view “behind-the-scenes” footage and see posts from the team.

One week of video devotionals.

Join us live on Friday night for a free live streamed worship service.