raw / real / uncut / authentic / spontaneous / uninhibited

“It’s like God captures my heart all over again, every time.”

Journey into the Heart of God

The whole earth is groaning for the sound of heaven.
You were born to experience the creator through worship.
Come with us on a journey into the heart of God.

What is Unfiltered?

We are a music collective that takes the risk of worshipping, hitting record and seeing what happens. We plan a setlist every week, but that doesn’t mean we play everything we plan. Our times of worship are filled with spontaneous songs that often lead to other well known and unplanned songs.

We’re never sure what’s going to happen on any given night, where God will lead us, or what unheard songs will bubble up from our hearts out of love for him. This can be scary and exhilarating at the same time, it is the very nature of adventure. We’re inviting you to explore with us what it means to trust God and truly embrace the adventure that he has for each one us; to endure our unpolished moments and to be undone by his profound goodness as we pursue worship, completely unfiltered.

What does Unfiltered offer?

Weekly Sessions

Unlimited access to stream the entire Unfiltered Library of HD worship videos with new sessions added once a week.

Audio for Download

Audio from each session will be available with all the songs separated into tracks. It’s like getting a live-recorded album every week.

Daily Devotionals

Inspiring video devotionals available every weekday by the Unfiltered team and special guests.

Online Community

You will be invited to a private Facebook group where you can connect with the Unfiltered team and find “behind-the-scenes” footage.

Guest Artist Content

Guest artists are featured on Unfiltered sets and share their special songs, interviews and insights.

360 Camera

We place a 360 camera in the middle of our worship circle for live-streaming.